Kate Winslet in 1996

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i wish you were here / 1:44am

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attention all cute girls………………….hello

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me in 70 years

Me now

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Recently someone told me that I’m “undateable” because I’m not “out” to the whole world. That I’m still obviously ashamed, because if I wasn’t Id be “loud and proud”. There’s a reason I rarely disclose my queerness with people who are outside my group. It’s because people have this inherent need to be liked or to pry. So as soon as I tell a girl that I’m attracted to girls, it’s either immediate disgust, or immediate need to know if I’m attracted to THEM. Usually I’m not, and then they’re disappointed. So either way, they no longer like me. And if I tell a boy that I like girls, they’re either disgusted or ask a bunch of invasive questions. Which I refuse to answer and they get mad, so once again either way I lose. So I just never tell people I’m not super close to. What’s the point? I’m not hiding. I mean I may not be “loud and proud” but I’m still proud. I just prefer to talk about my personal life to people who matter. Not random strangers who look at me like a zoo animal. We live in a time where people feel like they need to share everything, you should only share as much as you feel comfortable. You can be queer and quiet, it’s okay to guard yourself a little bit. And if that makes you undateable to a few people, then odds are they’re probably a not so great person and I highly doubt you’re missing anything by not having them in your company.


It has lesbians in it.

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Glitch City

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